Sharing experiences and brainstorming on new projects, on CPC table for its 32nd meeting in Dublin

2018-11-22T15:26:12+00:00September 15th, 2017|General Assembly / Committees|

The Communication and Publications Committee (CPC), hosted by INAB, the Irish NAB, has just met from 13 to 14 September 2017 for its 32nd meeting in Dublin (Ireland).

During this 2-days meeting, many projects have been discussed by the 25 participants to enhance the EA Communications Strategy: in particular, the Committee supported largely the proposed EA Communications and Marketing Plan 2017/2018.

A workshop dedicated to the future refreshing of EA website and intranet, had been planned to collect suggestions of improvements. All the members were very much involved in the discussions to share their experiences and propose new functionalities to support and highlight the great work done by all EA committees and work groups. A Task Force Group, composed by the representatives of ACCREDIA (the Italian NAB), COFRAC (the French NAB), DAkkS (the German NAB), ENAC (the Spanish NAB), PCA (the Polish NAB) and UKAS (the English NAB) was set-up to support the Secretariat in the management of this major project.

A collective thinking was also managed by the Chair of the CPC on the “One Voice Concept”, as part of the implementation of the EA Strategy 2025. Many ideas were raised and will be suggested to the Executive Committees to promote EA Core Values actively, both internally and externally.

Besides, the 32nd CPC meeting was the opportunity for EA members to share their recent activities with a fruitful round table and get relevant information with reporting on the ongoing activities in EA, as well as ILAC and IAF. Jon Murthy, the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC Chair has been a CPC regular member for years. This is much beneficial for CPC and help maintain very close relationships with those Committees.

Finally, the CPC was very pleased to pay tribute to Peter Kronvall for all he could achieve with the Committee during his mandate and welcome the new Chair, Lucyna Olborska, PCA Poland. Exciting challenges will be on Lucyna’s and CPC agenda also for the next 2 years!

The next CPC meeting, hosted by RvA, the Dutch NAB, will be on the 7th-8th March 2018 in Utrecht (The Netherlands).