Revised Publications

This page provides access to revised publications published by EA. Links to EA documents are set out below. The international documents adopted by EA link to the relevant pages of the ILAC or IAF website.

Status Date Reference Description
revised 2020-09-30 EA-INF/02 Contact Persons of EA Full and Associate Members, Recognized Stakeholders and Observers READ MORE
revised 2020-09-30 EA-INF/01 List of EA Publications and International Documents READ MORE
revised 2020-09-22 Coronavirus outbreak READ MORE
revised 2020-09-21 EA-INF/04 Statement on acceptance and recognition of activities under the EA MLA READ MORE
revised 2020-09-03 EA-INF/05 Directory of European legislations and EU schemes with provisions to accreditation and/or conformity assessment READ MORE
revised 2020-06-29 EA-INF/07 National Accreditation Body Communication with National Regulators - Best Practice Guide READ MORE
revised 2020-06-25 EA-3/12 M EA Policy for Accreditation of Organic Production Certification READ MORE
revised 2020-06-09 EA-INF/03 Signatories to the EA Multilateral and Bilateral Agreements READ MORE
revised 2020-04-17 EA-1/22 A EA Procedure and Criteria for the Evaluation of Conformity Assessment Schemes by EA Accreditation Body Members READ MORE
revised 2020-04-17 EA-2/17 M EA Document on Accreditation for Notification purposes READ MORE
revised 2020-01-06 EA-INF/17 Register of EA resolutions for use by National Accreditation Bodies and EA evaluators READ MORE
revised 2019-11-15 EA-3/01 M EA Conditions for the use of Accreditation Symbols, Logos and other claims of accreditation and reference to the EA MLA Signatory status READ MORE
revised 2019-07-26 EA-2/02 EA Procedure for the evaluation of a National Accreditation Body READ MORE
revised 2019-07-07 EA-0/09 Procedure for internal audit READ MORE
revised 2019-05-06 EA-2/13 M EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy and Procedure for Cross Border Cooperation between EA Members. READ MORE
revised 2019-04-18 EA-0/00 EA management system READ MORE
revised 2019-04-18 EA-2/15 M EA requirements for the accreditation of flexible scopes READ MORE