How can you find an accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)?

Go to the page Directory of EA Members and MLA Signatories and by a click on “Scopes” on the NAB window of a specific country, you will see the accreditation activity (blue or yellow boxes) offered by this NAB under the EA MLA. The accreditation activity is linked to the accredited CABs concerned.

Examples are:

  • Testing for Testing laboratories
  • Calibration for Calibration laboratories
  • Inspection for Inspection Bodies
  • Product Certification for Certification Bodies for Products, Processes and Services

Now click on the accreditation activity you are looking for and then you will get access directly to the NAB database of accredited CABs.

The NAB is responsible for publishing and updating the data on its database of accredited CABs. For further details about accredited CABs, you should contact the NAB directly.

For more information about accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies and the Benefit and Value go to