EA and the impact of Brexit

EA is the association of National Accreditation Bodies in Europe.

UKAS, the National Accreditation Body (NAB) of the United Kingdom, is a member of EA and a signatory to the EA Multilateral Agreement (MLA). With the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, UKAS will no longer meet the EA membership criteria as they are not a NAB in a Member State or candidate country.

EA has expressed the importance of having UKAS as member, even after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. Accordingly, EA has revised its Articles of Association and introduced the option of a transition period, which will allow UKAS to maintain its membership for further 2 years.

On 14 May 2020 the EA General Assembly approved the following resolution:

  • The General Assembly acknowledges that UK left the EU and notes accordingly that the National Accreditation Body of UK (UKAS) does not meet anymore the requirements as set out in Article 5 paragraph 1 of the Articles of Association.
  • The General Assembly, acting upon the recommendation from the Executive Committee, applies Article 6 paragraph 7 of the Articles of Associations and endorses that the National Accreditation Body of UK (UKAS) shall remain an EA Full Member until 31 January 2022. The membership criteria in EA-1/17-S1 continue to apply. This resolution can be changed by the General Assembly, if needed.

During this transition period EA will analyze together with UKAS the results of the negotiation between the EU and the UK and then revise the EA membership criteria with the aim that UKAS remains an EA member. That means also that UKAS will continue to be peer evaluated by EA in order to maintain its MLA signatory status.

For more information about EA and the EA MLA please visit our website at https://european-accreditation.org/

For more information on the Brexit process and the impact on UKAS’ accreditation, please visit the website of the European Commission at https://ec.europa.eu/info/brexit_en

Click here to download a Notice to Stakeholders regarding EU and UK rules in the field of industrial products.

The EA declaration on EA and the impact of Brexit can be downloaded here.