The European Commission launch a Public Consultation to evaluate the performance of the current legislation on noise emission (Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC) in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.

This consultation aims to collect contributions from all interested parties, stakeholders, organizations and citizens in general who are potentially affected by the directive’s functioning or by any modifications potentially made to it.

The aim of the initiative is to improve the legal framework structured in the current Directive concerning the noise emission in the environment of equipment for use outdoors to be placed on the EU internal market, to take advantage from the most recent developments by the point of view of the New Legislative Framework (alignment to the whole set of EU harmonization legislation for health and safety of products) as well as technical progress and the available state of the art in the sector.
Depending the information received, a legislative proposal could be managed to revise the current directive, taking into consideration the EU legislative framework on the health and safety of products in the internal market, and the technical progress and most recent developments in this industrial sector.

Example of benefits of accreditation for acoustic testing and quality control by ENAC, the Spanish NAB.

In Spain, the Castilla y León Noise Law 5/2009 requires accreditation for companies wishing to obtain autonomic authorization for testing of sound level measurement, acoustic insulation, vibration and reverberation time in the region. This law, as well as the Valladolid Municipal Ordinance, recognizes that any public work machine over two years old, operating in Castilla y León, must be inspected and have an acoustic test report issued by a laboratory accredited by ENAC. The Acoustic Pollution Protection Ordinance of Valencia also requires accreditation to perform on-site measurements needed to issue compliance verification certificates for enforcing minimum insulation in buildings. Likewise, the 266/2004 Decree requires sound audits to be carried out by an accredited testing laboratory for emissions control and insulation of industrial and commercial activities in the Valencian region.

Accreditation minimizes the risk of granting an activity license, an occupancy permit in the building, or of adopting an action plan lacking technical support measures. The tests and checks performed within the accredited scope are guaranteed to:

  • Require sound inspection decisions to be made by competent technicians.
  • To have used the appropriate equipment, fulfilling the legal metrological requirements.
  • To apply sampling processes in cases where it is necessary a complete conformity declaration.

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