Presentation of EA Strategy 2025 and core values by Peter Strömbäck at the 40th EA General Assembly

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Peter Strömbäck, the new EA Chair from January 2018, came back on the EA Strategy during the 40th EA General Assembly, (Berlin / 22-23 November) outlining the meaning of EA core values which form the basis to reach the EA desired position in 2025.

A project team, led by Peter Strömbäck (CEO of SWEDAC, the Swedish NAB), was constituted in 2016 to build a long-term strategy for EA to be a reference for accreditation in the world, that enables an open and global market for competitive business, and provides reassurance to consumers in a sustainable society. To achieve this vision, 3 strategic objectives with supporting core values have been defined to support the implementation of our strategy, enabling the membership organization to speak with one voice and reach the desired position 2025.

EA’s core values highlight the expected behaviors and skills on which all work of EA is based to support the implementation of the strategy and to reach our desired position. “EA core values will be the most important guide for us, it will point out the directions where we have to go and in the best way” said Peter Strömbäck during this presentation, “our common core values will help us to develop EA from Good to Great”.

Description of the EA core values


  • By being transparent in our rules and actions.
  • By being coordinated in word and deed.
  • By being accessible both internally and externally.
  • By having and promoting a common understanding of NABs promise to the market and society.


  • By involving and listening to regulators, industry and other stakeholders
  • By being loyal and dedicated and work for the public interest.
  • By being proactive.
  • By maintaining our integrity.


  • By establishing consistent deliverables.
  • By being open, impartial and independent.
  • By being non-discriminant.
  • By practicing what we preach.
  • By being democratic.


  • By being efficient and professional.
  • By using our resources.
  • by exercising leadership.
  • By supporting development and innovation.
  • By continuously improving.

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