EA has been successfully peer-evaluated by IAF/ILAC for extension of its MLA/MRA signatory status to accreditation of GHG Validation and Verification Bodies (EN ISO 14065) and Proficiency Testing Providers (EN ISO/IEC 17043).

EA is a recognized regional cooperation body of IAF and ILAC. This means that the EA Multilateral Recognition Agreement (EA MLA) is recognized by both organizations and covered by their respective arrangements. Formal recognition of a regional cooperation body under the IAF/ILAC MLA/MRA is based on an evaluation of the regional cooperation body’s competence to operate the MLA/MRA.

Following the decisions to extend the IAF MLA to GHG Validation and Verification as well as the ILAC MRA to Proficiency Testing Providers, EA applied for the extension of recognition of its MLA for these two scopes.

The evaluation was performed by an IAF/ILAC team composed of independent peer evaluators, conducted by Veronica Garcia Malo for the extension to GHG Validation and Verification (IAF evaluation) and Wang Wah Wong for the extension to Proficiency Testing Providers (ILAC evaluation).

The objectives of the joint IAF/ILAC evaluation were to evaluate:

  • the implementation of the Regional Group’s peer evaluation process and its compliance with IAF/ILAC requirements;
  • the effectiveness and suitability of the Regional Group peer evaluation system.

2 EA Members were involved in the on-site and witnessing activities, as a part of the peer-evaluation process:

  • BELAC, the Belgium National Accreditation Body, for PTP;
  • RENAR, the Romanian National Accreditation Body, for GHG Validation and Verification.

IAF/ILAC evaluators were also in Paris in June 2017 to evaluate the EA Secretariat.

As EA responded to the non-critical findings raised by the evaluation team, the complete evaluation report was then reviewed by IAF and ILAC and a final decision, based on IAF/ILAC ballots, was made in May 2018 in favor of both scope extensions.

Special thanks to our colleagues in BELAC and RENAR who were witnessed by the ILAC/IAF evaluation team and congratulations to the EA Members and the EA Secretariat for this successful outcome!

The regular re-evaluation of EA will start in December 2018. A team of evaluators has been appointed:

  • Bruce Li (TAF/PAC) as Team Leader and to witness Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS);
  • Anne Hofstra (IANZ/APLAC) as the Deputy Team Leader and to witness Testing and Reference Material Producers (RMP) ;
  • Neville Tayler (SANAS/AFRAC) as Team Member to witness Calibration; and
  • Liliane Somma (OUA/IAAC) as Team Member to witness Products Certification.