EA Multilateral Agreement Council (MAC) organized a newcomer training

2018-11-29T14:19:22+00:00June 16th, 2017|Multilateral Agreement|

To support further development of the EA pool of evaluators, EA organized a training workshop dedicated to potential new evaluators, hosted by RvA, the Dutch NAB, from 13th to 15th June in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The workshop, co-convened by Paulo Tavares, Chair of the MAC (IPAC, the Portuguese NAB), Christina Waddington (FINAS, the Finnish NAB) and Ed Wieles (RvA, the Dutch NAB) intends to give the participants the specifics of a peer evaluation and a basic level of understanding of the requirements and their application. It aimed also to provide the potential team members with insight in the processes supporting the peer evaluation system. The objective is to qualify as many participants as possible as trainees or team members directly, in order to reinforce the EA evaluation resources to serve a busy peer evaluation program.

21 NAB assessors have been trained during 3 days through discussions in work groups about how an EA evaluator should evaluate the effective implementation of the requirements (review of documents or records, interviews, observation/witness, etc.), looking for evidence and identifying specific risks and causes of non-compliance.

At the end of the workshop, the trainers review performance of the participants and come up with a recommendation about qualification as an EA evaluator, based on:

  • Demonstration by the participants of their understanding and awareness of the evaluation process and the evaluation requirements.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as evaluator (open minded, team worker, communication skills, in particular, communication in English).
  • Demonstration of dedication to the work as evaluator.