Today, EA is releasing its newly designed website: new look, more fluid, user-friendly and responsive, we have developed new tools that we hope will facilitate your visit

 “The main objective of this new website is to galvanize the relationship between EA, its members and our Stakeholders. We have rebuilt entirely our approach to give a much easier access to the information our visitors are looking for (members, MLA signatories, publications, news). We also wish to attract new visitors and help them understand how accreditation is functioning in Europe, the wide range of fields accreditation has a role into and how closely connected to European market and citizens we are. We truly hope you will appreciate this new website and any feedback is welcome. Finally I want to thank the team for the effort they put into this new website and all the EA Members who have contributed in the early stages through CPC .” said Andreas Steinhorst, Executive Secretary.

What’s in the new website?

The home page gives you shortcut access to:

  • EA and International Events
  • EA Twitter account
  • Direct visibility of New and Revised Publications
  • Directory of EA Members and MLA signatories
  • News about EA, EC, EFTA, MAC, Stakeholders and International News

Information on accreditation will be now developed from four different perspectives, offering to visitors a wider range of entries and keys to discover the accreditation world:

  • Accreditation for Regulators
  • Accreditation for Industries and Economies
  • Accreditation for Conformity & Assessment Bodies
  • Accreditation for Consumers & Citizens

The Directory of EA Members and MLA signatories has been redesigned and offers a clearer view on every NAB, their membership status, EA and ILAC/IAF MLA/MRA signatory status (peer-evaluation dates, scopes and contact details).

For each publication, an “identity card” will give the main information (title and publication date) and a very practical preview of the document.

In the sections “EA Publications”, “News” and “EA FAQ”, a special, dedicated search will allow you to find information within these specific sections.


Compatible with every browser, tablets and mobile phones, the new EA website is a springboard to inform on the agenda and any developments in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment, aiming to bring closer all its protagonists.

We are looking forward to your feedback on the new EA website. Any comments, suggestions or improvements, please contact