Because NAT, the former Hungarian accreditation body, stopped its activities on 31 December 2015, its membership of EA and EA MLA signatory status are terminated from then on.

[Picture by Erich Westendarp: Hungarian Parliament Building]

In accordance with the new Accreditation Act approved in the Hungarian Parliament on 6 July 2015, NAT ceased its operations on 31 December 2015. It means that:
1) NAT’s membership of EA and EA MLA signatory status have come to an end;
2) conformity assessment documents issued under NAT accreditation are not covered anymore by the EA MLA since there is not a Hungarian MLA partner any longer.

Contacts are going on between EA and the Hungarian ministry in charge with a view to minimize as much as possible any negative effects of the change in the accreditation system notified to EA.

Updated information will be published as relevant. The full list of EA MLA signatories can be accessed on the EA website.