27 CPC members gathered to share experience and discuss on how enhance communication in accreditation

2018-11-22T15:11:04+00:00March 9th, 2018|General Assembly / Committees|

The Communications and Publications Committee (CPC), hosted by RvA, the Dutch NAB, has just met from 7 to 8 March 2018 for its 33rd meeting in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

This meeting was the first one for Lucyna Olborska, from PCA (Poland) as the chairperson of the CPC after her election for a 2-years mandate. During the meeting, the CPC members elected also Francesca Nizzero (ACCREDIA, Italy) as the new CPC Vice Chairperson. Congratulations to Francesca!

This 2-days meeting gathered 27 CPC members, who had fruitful exchanges meant to support and enhance the EA Communications Strategy:

  • Definition of the activities to be included in the CPC Work programme 2019, to support in particular the cooperation with stakeholders, the European Commission and strengthen the European Accreditation Infrastructure,
  • Brainstorming on the tree organization of EA future website to offer a more efficient navigation including an UX design process to provide adapted contents to EA audience. Based on the results compiled during that brainstorming, the Task Force Group “Website” and the EA Secretariat will make a final proposition,
  • Discussions on the WAD 2018 which will be on “Accreditation: Delivering a safer world”, to highlight the initiatives organized locally by EA members,
  • Progress status on the CPC Work programme 2018 with a focus on EA digital materials (e-news, Twitter account, website) and future reports (EA MLA report 2017 and EA report 2017, a new document to summarize all the activities done by EA and its members in 2017).

Besides, this meeting was the opportunity for EA members to share feedback on their recent activities, especially on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and also to get relevant information from ILAC and IAF, with a report of Jon Murthy, the ILAC MCC and IAF CMC Chair.

To illustrate the benefit of exchange of information between members, a presentation was done on the 8th March by Jan van der Poel, the CEO of RvA to present its organization and the communication strategy implemented to support accreditation in the Netherlands. Before starting his presentation, he paid tribute to all the women members of the CPC in honor of the International Women’s Day.

The next CPC meeting, hosted by COFRAC, the French NAB, will be on the 12-13 September 2018 in Paris (France).